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Designing, starting, growing and running a profitable small business is not easy.

Now, mix family with that business and it seems nearly impossible.

One-third of the 5.5 million family-owned businesses in the United States are owned and operated by married couples. Not only are they building and running a business, they are doing it WITH their families.

My goal is to help YOU grow profitable businesses and strengthen your family.

Your family can work WITH you, AGAINST you, or FOR you.

It is not always easy.

It is not always simple.

But it is very much worth it.

Courses & Coaching to Help Your Family and Business Grow

Ever wish you had someone that's been where you are and could hold your hand and walk with you to the next level? That's what I'm offering you.

Course Programs

If you are looking for education on a very specific topic - and only that topic - then purchasing a course directly would be your best option.

Course + Coaching Programs

Sometimes working with someone one-to-one is the best and fastest way to find success and break plateaus. If this sounds like YOU, them a personalized coaching program may be the best choice for you. This option is a hybrid where you get the online courses AND direct 1:1 coaching around each module.

How Can Courses + Coaching Help YOU?

If any of these situations look like you could have written them, then it's likely you need a seasoned soul to guide you:

  • wanting to "start a business" but have no direction yet on what or how or why
  • getting a new business out of your head and actually running
  • organizing your home office for maximum productivity
  • weighing a home office vs. out-of-home office for your business needs and work habits
  • how to find your "small business spark" and get your business started
  • finding ways for your family to support your business
  • how to grow your small business outside of your family
  • tips to survive school breaks when you work from home
  • how to convey the perception of perfectionism when you work from your home

Is Your Small Business Starting, Stalling, Shifting or Soaring?

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